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Lui Spadarotto, Senior Product Designer, currently based in Lisbon.

Last companies I worked

Talka.ai, Product Designer

I worked with a team of top AI experts in Conversational AI and Speech to create a conversational intelligence platform to help product managers and marketing managers make data-driven decisions about product prioritization.

We are move, Product Designer

Designed a vacation booking tool called Holiday Finder that scans all flights and hotels in the world in real-time and presents you with computer insight on the best-combined offer for you at the best price.

Outsystems, Product Designer

As a member of the OutSystems Extended Product Designers team, I was in charge of the Sample apps squad, whose mission is to demonstrate OutSystems' potential with samples that have great UX and can be easily customized to meet their needs.

More about me

My Behance

Every shot on Behance is created with love and care. Check out my work on Behance. Likes and comments are welcome.

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Here are some quotes from people I've worked with throughout the years in my design career.

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I met Lui at BV bank, she arrived as Product Designer to work in the vehicles and insurance squad. The challenge was huge as there were several initiatives going on in parallel and she arrived organizing the projects, helping the POs prioritize the workflow and documenting the deliverables. Lui is an extremely agile, creative and skilled person with design tools, she manages to resolve things very quickly. Besides being an empathetic, transparent, partner and dedicated person.
Nicolas Pereira
Nicolas Pereira
Worked with Lui @ Votorantim Bank
Luiza is a person who seeks new tools to get the result she wants. Always connected to innovative solutions and behaviors, she knows how to solve the challenges she faces. With only 6 months of work it was possible to realize how quickly she can deliver quality results.
Rafael Mathias
Rafael Mathias
Managed Lui directly @ Shell Brasil (Raízen)
Luiza is an excellent professional, doing everything very quickly and creatively. Keeps attention to detail, widening scope possibilities, knows how to receive feedback and is very proactive. In addition to all these qualities, she is always ready to help and learn.
Luiz Fernando R Pilz
Luiz Fernando R Pilz
Managed Lui directly @ Mezocubo