Sample apps squad

Quick introduction

I was part of the OutSystems Extended Product Designers team and responsible for the Sample Apps squad.

The north star of our squad is to show the OutSystems potential, by allowing potential customers to start closer to the end result and adapt to their needs. That means, giving customers samples with great UX that can be adapted to what they need without much effort.

As I no longer have the presentations and docs that explain each sample app's steps. I'll describe my approach and how was my work process.

In the first phase, I try to identify and interpret our users' primary pain points. And, to better comprehend the issues, I attempt to evaluate them as follows:

• Views from the system;
• The user;
• The business.

Problem vs Benckmark

The benchmark serves as a source of inspiration for specific goals, as well as a starting point for comparing how our variations affect the user experience.

What I consider:
• Main competitors,
• Features (must have, nice to have, fancy options)
• User's wants/needs.

I focus on the hypothesis now that I've drawn out the major issues and have a sense of what competitors are doing.

Because of the link between the problem and benchmarking, it is possible to generate consistent hypotheses.

Presenting a solution

After generating the hypotheses to be worked on, I am committed to presenting a solution proposal to our team and stakeholders, and thus defending why we should focus on fixing those points.

After the presentation and alignment are complete, I separate the challenges into separate stories that may provide value as rapidly as possible.

Presenting a solution

After applying the usability tests and grouping some insights, I apply modifications to the prototype to make it even more consistent, generating a learning loop until I get to the final product.

Additional information

I really enjoy playing with dashboards; in fact, one of my key "must dos" at work is to create dashboards and tables in order to better separate collected data and comprehend user feedback and needs.