Gas Station Management and Shell Box app

Gas Station Management

I worked on the development of a platform for Gas Station Management, to offer Shell gas station owners a better way to control their spending and profits.

The research process most important phase was shadowing at gas stations to observe the daily lives of owners and attendants, talk about their needs and test the prototypes.

How it was managed

Main features

Dashboard interaction

Prototype showing the first study for the dashboard development.

Sheel Box App

The App

Shell Box is a loyalty app that allows you to refuel with discounts and save money. Drivers can apply coupons and pay for fuel from the app, without leaving the car, accumulating points that can be redeemed for discounts and other benefits.

How it works

The customer installs the app and enters the payment method of choice. Using the gas station finder, locate the nearest station.

Enter the board code and confirm refueling during the refueling process.

At the end of the refueling, payment is processed and the customer is released.


  • - Create a new Shell experience that makes it easier to pay and participate in promotions;
  • - Identify customers and establish a new communication channel;
  • - Increase frequency while decreasing supply time;
  • - Boost customer loyalty and satisfaction;
  • - Facilitate processes through technology.

Main features

As I was working on a new onboarding screen for Shell Box, I decided to design a new payment concept and home screen.