Votorantim Bank

Vehicle insurance sales and financing

3 days design sprint

The design sprint was divided into understanding, prototyping and user testing (with sellers and store managers). I was responsible for completing the entire vehicle insurance sales and financing simulation flow. It is a long form that already exists in the bank system and is especially important to be able to make financing simulations or sales.

Understanding the problem

On the first day, we gathered the entire research team and three designers to analyze the problem, make the product understandable and set the goals.

We studied the usability, engagement, and conversion of our product. These criteria have helped us understand whether the user was satisfied with each part of the product and so the project team was able to correct failures and plan the next steps.

Insurance Marketplace

In the insurance marketplace, the idea was to show in a friendly way all the advantages of each insurance to be presented to the final customer in stores using the bank system. Reducing visual pollution and giving the best insurance choice on the information entered by the shopkeeper with the customer data and a way to compare all insurance at the same time.

Design sprint pictures